• If you have any business to conduct with the Township, please knock at the door and someone will help you while you remain outside. Thank you for your consideration during these difficult times.

  • The next Meeting of the Township Supervisors will take place on Wednesday October 21st at 7 PM.

  • Directional parking is now in effect in the Township. Violators will be ticketed.

  • Blue garbage bags are available at the Township office for $15 per pack of 5. They are 30 gallon capacity. We also do bulk garbage pick up. Please call the Township office to arrange a bulk pick up.

  • Please be advised that garbage bags are not to be placed out for collection more than 24 hours prior to pick up. For Blue Township bags that means 8 am Tuesday. Blue bags must be out before 8 am Wednesday. If you miss the pick-up, you can either bring the bags to the Township garage or keep them until the following week.

  • As of May 2017 you need a permit to have a dumpster in Mt Carmel Township. There is a fee of $10 per dumpster. Dumpsters are NOT permitted for household garbage. They are for demolition or house cleaning purposes only.

  • You are able to recycle #1 and #2 plastics, cardboard, newspapers and aluminum cans at the Mt Carmel Township Municipal Complex. Bins are placed in the yard behind the police station. If the bins are full, please do not leave your recyclables on the ground. Please take them with you until the bins are emptied.

  • Residents of Mt Carmel Township are required to register yard, garage, tag and other similar sales at the Township Municipal Building. 2 of such sales are permitted per calendar year without a fee. After the 2nd sale, a $5.00 registration fee will be charged per sale.

  • Notice to Mount Carmel Township Waster Water customers: Mt Carmel Township will no longer accept partial payments on delinquent sewer bills. If your bill is not paid in full, your service will be terminated.